About Me

Aloha! I’m Noah Kealoha, a pro surfer and ocean enthusiast behind this blog. I started it to share my love of surfing while also connecting with readers through writings on other topics meaningful to me.

I’ve been surfing since I was 5 years old growing up in Hawaii. I turned pro as a teenager and have been fortunate to make a career out of my passion ever since. When I’m not competing on the World Surf League Tour, I’m out freesurfing for pure joy and inspiration.

On this blog you’ll find stories and photos from my travels and competitions, reviews of the latest surf gear, as well as motivational articles on mindfulness, chasing dreams, and living a balanced life. Surfing has taught me persistence, awareness, and appreciating simple moments.

My mission is to spread aloha spirit while providing an inside look at the exhilarating surf lifestyle. I believe the ocean has a way of rejuvenating one’s mind, body and soul.

Mahalo for joining me on this wave-riding journey! I hope you find inspiration to pursue your passions too.